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Can I extend my rental?

Sure you can, the beauty of our community is that you can stay in touch with the renter and extend the dates if needs be. 


What happens if I damage the baby equipment I've rented?

We find that all reasonable wear and tear is handled without a hitch, the good news is, we are here to support you if we need to. 
And when accidents happen, you can tag on our Renter Guarantee service at checkout, don't forget to check your eligibility.


Is the equipment cleaned?

Absolutely, all of our wonderful community adhere to our guidelines and clean the items between uses. In any case where there is wear and tear we always recommend our users add more photos. Honesty is the best policy here! 

We can also recommend some brilliant buggy valet services, just drop us an email! 


What happens if my rental is rejected?

If your rental is rejected you will usually receive a reason from the renter as to why in a very timely manner, allowing you plenty of time to contact other users with the gear you need, in any situation where you are super stuck and need something urgently, get in touch, we're here to help! 


Can I pay cash on delivery?

Unfortunately not, we ensure payments are handled via us so that in the situation that any issues arise we can provide refunds where necessary. 


Is the equipment pre-built and do I have to dismantle it at the end?

We know, unscrewing all those nuts and bolts to post it back is terror inducing! The beauty of our community is that you can choose to collect your items in a location that suits you and your renter, or arrange drop off at a local locker which means YIPPEE you don't have to build, dismantle or box up anything! 

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